June 11, 2019

Congratulations to Queen's Employment Relations Professor, Dr. Bradley Weinberg

Congratulations to Dr. Bradley Weinberg on receiving the Law of Work Award!

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to scholarship in Labour and Employment Law, Dr. Weinberg received the Law of Work award at this years' CIRA Conference in Vancouver.

“The Canadian Industrial Relations Association is pleased to announce the creation of a new award recognizing exceptional scholarship in the area of Canadian employment and labour law.  A gift from Dr. David Doorey, Associate Professor at York University, Director of the School of Human Resource Management, and Director of the Osgoode Hall Law School PDP LLM in labour and employment law permits CIRA to award $500 to the best paper submitted to the annual conference in the area of the law of work. The Law of Work Award is CIRA’s distinction given to the best paper presented at the annual conference. All pre-tenure members (graduate students, post-doctoral and pre-tenure faculty) are invited to submit a full unpublished paper that will proceed through a blind review process to determine acceptance for presentation at the conference and the winner of the competition.