murray chitra

Adjunct Professor

Robert Sutherland Hall 203

Murray Chitra

Mr. Chitra is a graduate of the University of Toronto and the Faculty of Law of Queen’s University.  He is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and was employed by the Province of Ontario for more than three decades.
This included ten years with the Legal Services Branch of the Ministry of Correctional Services.  Six of those were served as Legal Director. Mr. Chitra subsequently worked as Legal Director of the Ontario Insurance Commission which is now the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. 
In 1994 Mr. Chitra was appointed as Chair of the Ontario Civilian Police Commission. The Commission is the agency of the Province of Ontario responsible for the oversight of municipal police forces. He held that position for 17 years.
Mr. Chitra is a former Vice President and President of the Society of Ontario Regulators and Adjudicators, Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals and Ontario Public Service Quarter Century Club.  He currently serves as a part time member of the Hearing Division of the Law Society Tribunal.