Master of Industrial Relations/Juris Doctor Combined Degree Program (MIR/JD)   The Master of Industrial Relations/Juris Doctor combined degree program is offered with the Queen's Faculty of Law and the Queen's MIR program, in response to the profession's strong demand for graduates with expertise in employment and labour law. Students complete an MIR degree with prescribed law electives in their second year and a JD degree in the throughout the balance of their 4 year program. Students in the combined program who complete the certificate program at the International Study Centre may complete the combined program in three (3) years.


Candidates must meet the admission requirements for both programs including writing the LSAT for law. A maximum of five (5) candidates will be admitted each year. Those wishing to apply for the MIR/JD combined degree program should complete the application forms for both the MIR and JD programs simultaneously. 

Acceptance into both the MIR program and the JD program is a prerequisite to admission into the MIR/JD combined degree program. For further information students should contact the admissions committee of the MIR program and the Faculty of Law.