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Labor Economics and Labour Policy

The Disability Accommodation Gap in Canadian Workplaces: What Does It Mean
for Law, Policy, and an Aging Population?

Working with a disability, and providing appropriate and meaningful accommodation in the workplace, is a critical issue in Canada. In this paper, Professors Banks, Chaykowski and Slotsve examine the extent to which there is a “gap” in accommodation, and what it means in the context of an aging society and current laws and policy in this important area.  Read more...

... A Report prepared for the Ontario Drummond Commission, regarding the reform of Ontario labor relations in the Ontario Broader public sector. Click Here for the Report …

... a special issue of Canada’s leading journal of Policy, published in honour of Charles M. Beach (Queen’s Economics). This special issue includes research papers by many of Canada’s leading scholars, organized into themes of immigration, and income inequality. (Available online at: )

...a collection of Canadian policy papers by many of Canada’s leading policy researchers and scholars, in honour of the career of Thomas J. Courchene (Queen’s Policy Studies), one of Canada’s most influential and innovative economic and social policy thinkers.