Admission Criteria

Current Queen’s Students: Any student at Queen’s who has completed the first year of courses may apply to the Certificate program. The Certificate program can be taken in conjunction with a degree program for current students at Queen’s University. Students can apply at any time but generally applications to enroll should be made between the first and second year of university studies. 

Distance, Part-time Students, and Continuing Learners: The Certificate can be earned as a stand-alone credential for current students or graduates from other universities. Students or graduates from another college or university must have completed one-year of post-secondary courses (30 credits) and meet the general admission requirements for the Faculty Arts and Science.

To gain credit from Certificate courses toward a degree at another university, undergraduate students will need a Letter of Permission and follow any other applicable academic regulations at their home institution.

For students with at least one year of previous post-secondary education who do not intend to work toward a degree can also take the Certificate courses and enter the Faculty of Arts and Science as non-degree students. Once non-degree students meet the Arts and Science eligibility criteria for progression to a degree program, they can enroll in the Certificate program at that time.

Academic Progress Criteria

All students enrolled in the Certificate in Employment Relations program need to meet the Faculty of Arts and Science progression criteria.

Application Dates

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