Program Schedule

Professional Master of Industrial Relations (PMIR)

Schedule and Timetables

The PMIR class schedule is designed to allow professionals to combine part-time graduate studies with full-time work and personal responsibilities.  In future years, the PMIR Fall-Winter class schedule will consist of two three-hour classroom sessions on one Friday and one Saturday each month from September to November and January to March.   The intensive summer term consists of a three-day weekend (Thursday to Saturday) at the end of April and one week of concentrated studies in each of mid-May and early June.   Annual schedules are normally published in the early spring.  The calendar below provides an model calendar of class meetings of illustrative, although it does not apply to any specific year.  

PMIR Timetable Summer 2019

PMIR Timetable Fall-Winter 2018-19
Sessional Dates School of Graduate Studies 2018-19