Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Master of Industrial Relations (PMIR)


Professional Master of Industrial Relations
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the timeline for completion of the Professional Master of Industrial Relations degree?
A. There are two semesters in the PMIR program; fall/winter and spring. Eleven courses are required for degree completion and the normal course load per semester is two courses. Students attend classes, for 4 long weekends during September, November, January and February, and for 2 non-consecutive weeks in May and June. Classes normally take place in Kingston, but during the Fall/Winter of 2019, the long weekend classes will take place in downtown Toronto. The summer term classes will take place in Kingston. The PMIR program will normally take about 30-36 months to complete. Scheduling of courses may vary each year, depending on student requirements.

2. Is there anywhere to stay during May and June?
A. Individuals are responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements. There are many hotels and B&B’s that are close to Queen’s campus. During May and June, accommodations in the university residences are usually available and are quite affordable.

3. Is there a deadline for applications?
A. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the school year; however, the suggested deadline for the fall/winter semester is July 1st, and March 1st for the spring semester.

4. How do I apply?
A. Applications for the PMIR should be completed online, through the Queen’s School of Graduate Studies at the following link:

5. Are what are the requirements for applying to the program?
A. In addition to a four-year undergraduate degree, applicants to the PMIR program must also have three years of work experience in the field. Please note that we do not require you to complete the GMAT or to have your CHRP designation.

6. What fee schedule applies?
A. PMIR students pay on a “per course” fee basis. Currently set at $2313.48 course (domestic). With eleven courses, the current program fee is approximately $25, 500. Please note that fee increases may apply each year. It is always best to confirm the current Graduate & Professional Program Fees through the University Registrar’s website at:
Professional Master of Industrial Relations Oct 2018

7. I have been away from academic study for some time. Is it acceptable to have both letters of reference come from professional sources?
A. While the preference is that all applicants have one professional and one academic reference, we also recognize that some applicants are not able to provide academic references Professional references will be accepted, when an applicant is unable to obtain academic references.

8. I have a three-year degree. Can I still apply?
A. The normal minimum academic qualification for admission to the PMIR program is a four-year bachelor’s degree with upper second-class standing (B+), or equivalent, from a recognized university. Where an applicant has a three-year degree and superior academic achievement, the case can sometimes be made that his/her work experience be viewed as the equivalent of the fourth year of university. Admission to the program is based on an applicant’s academic background, prior work experience, and references

9. I am an international student. Can I apply to this program?
A. We are happy to accept applications from international professionals into our program. However, it is a requirement that all students have the appropriate student visa in order to study graduate level programs with Queen’s. Before applying to the program, we strongly advise you to confirm with Immigration Canada that you would be eligible for the appropriate VISA for studies in Canada or with our Student Advisors at the Queen’s International Centre (

10. Is there any funding available for PMIR students?
A. Because the PMIR is a professional graduate program, funding through the university is not available. In the past, some of our students have found that funding is available through their employer. There are some bursaries and grants available to mature students through private funding agencies and the Canadian government. These can be found easily through an internet search. You would apply for these directly.
We look forward to your application. For more information, please contact Anne-Marie Bergman at or by calling 613-533-6000 x.79319.

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We look forward to your application.

For more information, please contact Anne-Marie Bergman at or by calling 613-533-6000 x.79319.