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Professional Master of Industrial Relations (PMIR)


What is the timeline for completion of the Professional Master of Industrial degree?

There are two semesters in the PMIR program; fall/winter and summer. Eleven courses are required for degree completion and the normal course load per semester is two courses. Students attend classes in Kingston one Friday and Saturday each month from September to April and for five days in May and five days in June. The PMIR program will normally take about 30-36 months to complete.

Is there anywhere to stay during the two week residency period?

Individuals are responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements. The PMIR coordinator is happy to recommend hotels and B&B's that are close to Queen's campus. During the two week spring residency period, accommodations in the university residence are usually available and are quite affordable.

Is there a deadline for application?

A. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the school year; however, the suggested deadline for the fall/winter semester is July 1st, and March 1st for the spring semester.

What fee schedule applies?

PMIR students pay course fees, which are currently set at $2226.66/course.  With eleven courses, the current program fee is approximately $24,500.  Please note that fee increases may apply each year.

I have been away from academic study for some time. Is it acceptable to have both letters of reference come from professional sources?

While the preference is that all applicants have one professional and one academic reference, we also recognize that some applicants are not able to provide academic references. Professional references will be accepted, when an applicant is unable to obtain academic references.

I have a three year degree. Can I still apply?

The normal minimum academic qualification for admission to the PMIR program is a four-year bachelor's degree with upper second-class standing (B+), or equivalent, from a recognized university. Where an applicant has a three year degree and superior academic achievement, the case can sometimes be made that his/her work experience be viewed as the equivalent of the fourth year of university. Admission to the program is based on an applicant's academic background, prior work experience, and references.

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Additional update: Please note that as of May 2010, a university level course in statistics is no longer a prerequisite for entry to the PMIR program. 


We look forward to your application.

For more information, please contact Anne-Marie Bergman at or by calling 613-533-6000 x.79319.

Meet our Students

Benjamin Turner

Benjamin Turner

Masters of Industrial Relations FT

Master of Industrial Relations (MIR) Candidate 2017 at Queen's University

I am a bilingual Master of Industrial Relations candidate who is specifically interested in recruitment and talent acquisition. I believe that an organization's most valuable asset is its human capital. This value is realized when effective testing and selection methods are utilized in the recruitment process. My human capital approach to human resource management is aimed at acquiring new talents who are not only exceptional candidates but also are the most suited individuals to an organization. This results in both high employee retention and a boost in organizational productivity. Further, human capital management is reactive to the modern business complexity's trends, gaps and changes. Therefore, as a human resource professional I will act as an organization's sensor in order to allow the organization to continue to progress without interruption.

My capacity in talent acquisition and recruitment lies in my ability to super-connect. Super connectors are individuals who build close relationships with diverse people very quickly. As a super connector I can match people with opportunities and, in doing so, leave my connections with a positive opinion of myself and my own abilities. Moreover, I always strive to stay '​in the know'​. This way I know what each of my connections is capable of, who is in their network, and what my connections need or are looking for. This allows me to instantaneously connect people based on needs and abilities, while increasing their own value.



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